Thursday, May 6, 2010


i have deleted everything i previously posted because i was unhappy with it all.

nobody should be reading this. more appropriately, nobody should be writing this! but i'm here anyway and we've both got time to kill! cue da beat

get the fuck up off the internet and start streaming that dreaming imagining gleaming of genies and screaming beams of conscious folds
time erodes the young, destiny foretold in a seed asprout from flowers of gold, ripe gets old
one minute deep, in ya mind there's something stuck in it, clock can't spin it, wrinkle in time gets sucked in it, talk about mind fuck
fertilize a germ, crystallize the sermon idolize the worm dat ferment ya brainsterm
sip sip, hot pool of loss where you neva talk so cloudy, kicked off the clothes in whateva toxic rowdy evening outy
can't look good for the eye that stays closed
can't look good for the eye that stays closed
can't look from the eye that stays closed

ribbons of fingers, touch that lingers, invitations from clingy swingers, so much wind how can't i sway? how can't i sway?